COVID-19 UPDATE – CHILDREN’S SERVICES: As we gradually bring back in-person services, we will continue to remain available to families via phone, email, videoconference and virtual services. To explore remote service options, click here for our latest service guide. 

Please click here for information on Bethesda's updated response to COVID-19 and precautions being taken agency-wide.  

For additional questions please contact Bethesda’s Services Coordinators at 905.684.6918 ext.170 or email  

Educational Opportunities

Bethesda provides workshops and other educational opportunities for parents/caregivers and community members who are interested in learning new skills or strategies to support individuals in their life.

Parent/Caregiver Services

The most important individuals in a child/youth’s life are their parents and caregivers.  Bethesda provides evidence-based group and individualized parent education, coaching and consultation in-home and community locations.  Training opportunities are designed to empower families in gaining skills and confidence to teach and support their chldren/youth’s ongoing learning and development.

Community Partner Services

Bethesda will work with community partners to customize workshops and training opportunities in a variety of content areas, e.g. Autism Spectrum Disorder, Applied Behaviour Analysis, Occupational Therapy or Speech-Language Pathology.  Examples of recent trainings provided to community partners include: “Functions of Behaviour”, “Every Moment is a Teachable Moment”, “Autism and ABA”, “Proactive Behavioural Strategies” and “Understanding Sensory Processing”.