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Foundational Family Services 

Foundational Family Services are designed to foster resilience and help parents and caregivers support their child/youth’s learning and development.  Services are available at no cost to families registered with the Ontario Autism Program (OAP).  Foundational Family Services at Bethesda include a broad range of options for the whole family:

Resources and Service Coordination

Bethesda's Service Coordinators can:

  • Provide information about service options for children/youth and their families
  • Assist with group and individual program registration
  • Answer questions and share resources
  • Assist families completing Ontario Autism Program (OAP) funding applications
  • Help families reconcile their OAP funding expense forms

Families can contact a Service Coordinator by calling 905.684.6918 ext. 170, or sending an email to to book an individual consultation.

Group Programs

Bethesda offers a variety of family activities, recreational and clinical group programs across different areas of interest and skill domains.

To learn more view our current Service Guide.

Caregiver, Sibling and Peer Mentor Support

Support options, inclusive of the whole family, are offered in a variety of different formats including:

  • Caregiver Support Groups
  • Sibling Resiliency Groups
  • Youth Advisory Committee
  • Peer Mentorship Program

To learn more view our current Service Guide.


Visit our current Service Guide to access an extensive list of interactive workshops that cover topics related to the early years through to young adulthood.

Brief Consultations

Brief Consultations are single or time limited (1-3) individualized sessions that are focused on specific needs or goals. Parents/caregivers can meet with a clinician to ask questions, review resources and discuss a variety of strategies that relate to their child's social skills, life skills, communication and behaviour. Examples of topics that can be discussed during a clinic appointment include, but are not limited to: behavioural concerns, teaching new skills or increasing independence.

Brief Consultations focus on proactive strategies. Contact a Service Coordinator to request an appointment.

Transition Supports

Transition supports are offered to support children/youth and their families during different life stages and changes including:

  • Post Diagnosis Support
  • Transition into School
  • Transition to High School
  • Puberty Groups
  • Understanding Safe and Healthy Relationships and Sexuality for Young Adults (16+ years)
  • Transition to Adulthood
  • Transition to Post-Secondary Education
  • Transition into Employment

Contact a Service Coordinator for information about Transition Supports.