Group Programs

Bethesda offers both respite and clinical group programs across different areas of interest and skill domains.

  • ABA Skill Building Groups use evidence-based strategies that enable participants to learn and practice new skills with peers.
  • Recreational and Respite Groups provide participants with interactive social activities on evenings, weekends and school PA Days.

Dance and Movement (4-12)

Does your child love to move and dance? This class is for you! Children will learn the basics of dance with the support of clinicians; no previous dance experience is required. 

In order for your child to benefit from the program they must be able to work cooperatively in a group setting and follow instructions without interfering behaviour.

*Please wear running shoes and comfortable clothing. (no jeans)

*Based on registration, groups will be created based on age.

Every Wednesday 5:30PM to 7:00PM
Wednesday January 15, 2020 to Wednesday February 26, 2020
Ages 4 to 12
$265.00Please Call

Incredible Friends

Incredible Friends provides youth with an opportunity to learn about and practice important social skills.

This includes learning; what makes a good friend, choosing appropriate friends, conversation skills and body language, phone calls and electronic communication, appropriate use of humour and hosting a get together.

This program is appropriate for children who can: follow multi-step instructions independently, communicate verbally and can participate in a group setting without interfering behaviour.

Every Monday 5:30PM to 7:30PM
Monday January 13, 2020 to Monday February 24, 2020
Ages 8 to 12
$350.00Please Call

Saturday Club

Saturday Club offers a social opportunity for children to participate in fun activities with their peers.

A variety of activities will be available including a bouncy castle, crafts, movies, games, toys, video games (e.g., Nintendo Switch and X-Box), and gym activities. ** Additional costs may apply for participants who require 1:1 support or greater. 

Every Saturday 1:00PM to 4:00PM
Saturday January 18, 2020 to Saturday February 29, 2020
Ages 13 to 18
$350.00Please Call
Every Saturday 9:00AM to 12:00PM
Saturday January 18, 2020 to Saturday February 29, 2020
Ages 6 to 12
$350.00Please Call