COVID-19 UPDATE – CHILDREN’S SERVICES: As we gradually bring back in-person services, we will continue to remain available to families via phone, email, videoconference and virtual services. To explore remote service options, click here for our latest service guide. 

Please click here for information on Bethesda's updated response to COVID-19 and precautions being taken agency-wide. 

For additional questions please contact Bethesda’s Services Coordinators at 905.684.6918 ext.170 or email

News & Resources

COVID-19 Family Resources

Name Description Link
Learning About COVID-19: Version 1 March 20, 2020 Download Learning_about_COVID-19_-_Version_1.pdf
Learning About COVID-19: Version 2 March 20, 2020 Download Learning_about_COVID-19_-_Version_2.pdf
Tip of the Day: Activity Guide March 26, 2020 Download Childrens_Activity_Guide_March_3-26-2020.pdf
Tip of the Day: House Rules March 31, 2020 Download Tip_Sheet_House_Rules.pdf
Tip of the Day: Improving Sleep April 8, 2020 Download Tip_Sheet_Improving_Sleep.pdf
Children's Services Calendar and Update April 15, 2020 Download Childrens_Services_Update_4-14-2020_2pg.pdf
Tip of the Day: Staying Connected Virtually April 15, 2020 Download Tip_of_the_Day_-_Staying_Connected_Virtually.pdf
Tip of the Day: Picky Eating April 20, 2020 Download Tip_of_the_Day-_Picky_Eating.pdf
Children's Services Calendar and Update April 21, 2020 Download Childrens_Services_Update_4-21-2020_2_pg_B.pdf
Tip of the Day: Teen E-Learning 4-28-2020 Download Tip_of_the_Day-_Teen_E-Learning.pdf
Children's Services Calendar and Update: May 2020 4-28-2020 Download Childrens_Services_Update_4-28-2020_2pg.pdf
Progressive Muscle Relaxation with Janine May 4, 2020 Download
Bedtime with Bethesda "Herman's Hiding Places" with April Download
Bedtime with Bethesda "Green Eggs and Ham" with Jenn Download
Wildcard Wednesday Walking Water with Chelsea and Brynn Download
Bedtime with Bethesda "The Giving Tree" with Brynn Download
Mother's Day Scrub Resources Ingredient lists and Tag Download Mothers_Day_Body_Scrub.pdf
Mother's Day Lemon Scrub Join Kiera in making a Mother's Day Gift Download
Mother's Day Brown Sugar Scrub Join Keira in making a Mother's Day Gift Download
Mother's Day Craft Join Treasa in making a special Mother's Day Craft Download
Mother's Day Craft Supply List Join Treasa in making a Mother's Day Craft Download Simple_Mothers_Day_Craft.pdf
Together in the Kitchen Thursday's Jen makes Grilled Cheese (Instructions) Download Grilled_Cheese_Recipe.pdf
Together in the Kitchen Thursday's Jen Makes Grilled Cheese Download
Bedtime with Bethesda Paige reads "Little Bear and the Wishing Tree" Download
Supporting Learning at Home Virtual Workshop Download Supporting_learning_at_home_red.pdf
Movement Monday Move with April Download
Bedtime with Bethesda Kiera reads "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" Download
Sweet Tooth Tuesday Join Melissa as she makes Chocolate Chip Cookies Download
Sweet Tooth Tuesday Chocolate Chip Cookies: Ingredient List Download Steps_to_make_Chocolate_Chip_cookies.pdf
Bedtime with Bethesda Join Jen as she reads "Sleepy Kittens" Download
Wildcard Wednesday Volcano Experiment Supply List Download Wednesday_Volcano.pdf
Wildcard Wednesday Join Esha for a Volcano Experiment Download
Bedtime with Bethesda Treasa reads "Thelma the Unicorn" Download
Together in the Kitchen Thursday's Chicken and Cheese Quesadilla Recipe Card Download Chicken_and_Cheese_Quesadilla_Recipe.pdf
Together in the Kitchen Thursday's Jen makes Chicken and Cheese Quesadillas Download
Bedtime with Bethesda Lyssa reads "The Night the Tooth Fairy Didn't Show Up" Download
Feeling Crafty Friday Jen makes Paint Art Download
Bedtime with Bethesda Sarah reads "Daniel's First Fireworks" Download
Bedtime with Bethesda Jen Reads "Chimps Don't Wear Glasses" Download
Bedtime with Bethesda Lyssa reads "The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig" Download
Movement Monday Nicole does a Spell Your Name Activity Download
Movement Monday Spell Your Name Activity Legend Download Spell_Your_Name__Movement_Monday.pdf
Bedtime with Bethesda Esha read "Pajama Time" Download
May Calendar- UPDATE May Service Calendar: May 18- 29 Download Childrens_Services_Update_5-15-2020.pdf
Sweet Tooth Tuesday April makes oat balls Download
Sweet Tooth Tuesday Oat Ball Recipe Download OATBALLS.pdf
Wildcard Wednesday Brynn and Chelsea perform Magic Milk Download
Bedtime with Bethesda Ariana reads "Franklin is Bossy" Download
Together in the Kitchen Thursday Jen makes Kraft Dinner Download
Together in the Kitchen Thursday Kraft Dinner Recipe Download Kraft_dinner_recipe.pdf
Bedtime with Bethesda Jenn reads "Roar!" Download
Feeling Crafty Friday Melissa makes a Birdfeeder Download
Bedtime with Bethesda Angela reads "Curious George Visits a Toy Store" Download
Sweet Tooth Tuesday Andrea makes Double Chocolate Brownies Download
Sweet Tooth Tuesday Double Chocolate Brownie Recipe Download Double_Chocolate_Brownie_Recipe.pdf
Bedtime with Bethesda Brynn reads "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" Download
Feeling Crafty Friday Underwater Silhouette supply list and instructions Download Feeling_Crafty_Friday-_Painting.pdf
Feeling Crafty Friday Jenn paints an Underwater Silhouette Download
Bedtime with Bethesda Melanie reads "The Day the Crayons Came Home" Download
Nature Scavenger Hunt Checklist Download Nature_Scavenger_Hunt_2.pdf
Movement Monday Nature Scavenger Hunt Download
Bedtime with Bethesda Nicole Reads, "Big Bear Little Bear" Download
Wildcard Wednesday Brynn walks us through the Fizzy Balloon experiment Download
Movement Monday Nicole shows us a TikTok Dance Download
Sweet Tooth Tuesday Kiera makes Banana Muffins Download
Sweet Tooth Tuesday Banana Muffin Recipe Download Banana_muffin_recipe.pdf
Bedtime with Bethesda Esha reads "Snoozers" Download
Bedtime with Bethesda Paige reads "Arthur on the Farm" Download
Wildcard Wednesday Katie Makes MoonSand Download
Father's Day Booklet Print off this booklet to customize for a Father's Day Gift Download Fathers_Day_Booklet_Template.pdf
Father's Day Booklet Instructions Steps to make Father's Day Booklet Download Fathers_Day_Booklet_Instructions.pdf
Sensory Bin Introduction and Explanation June 24, 2020 Download Introduction_and_Explanation.pdf
Sensory Bin Activities June 24, 2020 Download Sensory_Bin_Activities.pdf
Sensory Websites and Apps for Children June 24, 2020 Download Websites_and_Apps_for_Children.pdf
Sensory Bins and Bottles Video Download
July Calendar June 29, 2020 Download July_Calendar_FINAL.pdf
Children's Services Calendar August August 2020 Download Childens_Services_August_Calendar.pdf
Children's Services Calendar and Update: August 2020 August 2020 Download August_Calendar_1.pdf

Service Guides

Name Description Link
September Service Guide September 4, 2020 Download 2020_Childrens_September_Services.pdf
October - December Service Guide September 30, 2020 Download 2020_Childrens_Oct_-_Nov__Services_Guide.pdf

COVID-19 Bethesda Updates

Name Description Link
COVID-19 Measures March 13, 2020 Download 2020-03-13_COVID-19_Measures.pdf
Update: COVID-19 Measures March 15, 2020 Download 2020-03-15_COVID-19_Measures_-_Update.pdf
Community Partners Update March 17, 2020 Download 2020-03-17_Community_Partners_Update.pdf
Update: COVID-19 Measures March 19, 2020 Download 2020-03-19_COVID-19_Measures_Update.pdf
Update: COVID-19 Measures March 26, 2020 Download 2020-03-26_COVID-19_Measures_Update.pdf
Update: COVID-19 Measures April 9, 2020 Download 2020-04-09_COVID-19_Measures_Update.pdf
Make a Difference- Support Bethesda’s COVID-19 Relief Efforts April 22, 2020 Download 2020-04-16_COVID-19_Fundraising_Initiative_Alt.pdf
Update: COVID-19 Measures April 27, 2020 Download 2020-04-27_COVID-19_Measures_Update.pdf
Update: COVID-19 Measures May 15, 2020 Download 2020-05-15_COVID-19_Measures_Update.pdf
Update: COVID-19 Measures May 28, 2020 Download 2020-05-28_COVID-19_Measures_Update.pdf
Update: COVID-19 Measures June 12, 2020 Download 2020-06-12_COVID-19_Measures_Update.pdf
Update: COVID-19 Measures June 26, 2020 Download 2020-06-26_COVID-19_Measures_Update.pdf
Update: COVID-19 Measures July 9, 2020 Download 2020-07-09_COVID-19_Measures_Update.pdf
Update: COVID-19 Measures July 17, 2020 Download 2020-07-17_COVID-19_Measures_Update.pdf
Update: COVID-19 Measures July 24, 2020 Download 2020-07-24_COVID-19_Measures_Update.pdf
Update: COVID-19 Measures August 7, 2020 Download 2020-08-07_COVID-19_Measures_Update.pdf
Update: COVID-19 Measures September 18, 2020 Download 2020-09-18_COVID-19_Measures_Update.pdf
Update: COVID-19 Measures October 13, 2020 Download 2020-10-13_COVID-19_Measures_Update.pdf
Update: COVID-19 Measures October 21, 2020 Download 2020-10-21_COVID-19_Measures_Update.pdf

Bethesda Communications

Name Description Link
Letter to Families August 1, 2019 Download Letter_to_Families_re_OAP_2019-08-01.pdf
Letter to Families Clarification January 6, 2020 Download Letter_to_Families_January_2020_Clarification.pdf

Ministry Updates

Name Description Link
July 29, 2019 Minister Smith announced steps Ontario is taking to provide continuity of service while providing the necessary time to design a new needs-based autism program by April 2020. Download
February 6, 2019 The Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services announced changes to the Ontario Autism Program. Download
November 7, 2019 The Ontario Autism Program Advisory Panel Report: Recommendations for a New Needs-Based Ontario Autism Program Download